5 Fascinating Stories Of Separated Siamese Twins

Check out these before and after shots of conjoined twins

It’s a sad fact that a huge percentage of conjoined twins die shortly after being born, but advancements in modern medicine are helping the survival rate to rise. Here are 5 tales of conjoined twins that have been successfully separated and gone on to live their own individual lives.

1. Yurelia and Fiorella Rocha-Arias were separated back in 2007. The girls were 2-years-old at the time and were joined together via the sternum.

The pair were separated by surgeons at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, which is located at Stanford University.

via SFGATE Lucile Packard Children

The image below shows the way in which the twins were joined together. It was an incredibly difficult case as the two girls’ hearts were conjoined, as well as parts of their livers. The operation lasted a whopping 12 hours, with 24 different doctors being involved in the surgery.

via SFGATE John Blanchard / National Institutes of Health

Fortunately, the operation was successful. These two girls may struggle with heart issues in later life, but they’re glad to be separated and are both living happy, healthy lives.

via Norbert von der Groeben / Palo Alto Online

The image below shows them in 2014. As you can see, they’ve grown up and are now in 5th grade. It’s nice to see that even though they’re no longer conjoined, they still like to stay connected by holding hands.

via Mayela Lopez / La Nacion