4 Products That Change How Your Face Looks

They will definitely surprise you

What you eat can change the way your face looks – a lot more than you might think. Experts might actually be able to tell you what you eat if you eat too much of it, given the way it can impact your face. Here are the 4 products.

1. Milk.


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Milk, whether plain or in coffee or tea, can seriously affect your skin, even if you are not lactose intolerant. Aging causes us to lose the majority of our lactose metabolizing enzymes and this stimulates inflammations all over the body, including the face.If your face looks a bit puckered and wrinkled and if your eyes are droopy, try taking a break from dairy for a week or two and see the results.

2. Wine.

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Not only does it contain an ungodly amount of sugar, but wine also sometimes contains sulfides and pesticides, causing dehydration. Your body experiences a shortage of water, your liver gets overworked, and digestion can fail the next day, making your skin look red and wrinkly. Constant use of or addiction to alcohol can deplete bowel bacteria and cause a myriad of diseases. To remedy this, stop drinking for 3 weeks, and then institute the one-in–five principle, where you only drink 2 or 3 glasses in just one of 5 instances.

3. Gluten.

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If you are intolerant to gluten, you should definitely stay away from wheat, rye, oats, barley, etc. Check for gluten intolerance by avoiding all things containing gluten and monitor the progress of your face. Even if gluten may not be the answer, cutting down on carbs and baked goods is still healthy.

4. Sugar.

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Sugar not only affects your weight, but it also makes you look older by linking to the collagen in your skin and making it harder. You can only avoid this by not eating sugar.

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