38 Toys That Every Kid Wanted Back In The 90s

Let’s take a look back in time

If you were a 90s kid, you’ll definitely remember some of these classic toys.

1. The Talkboy, helping us all feel as cool as Macaulay Culkin in ‘Home Alone’.

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2. Giant Barbie was the ultimate dream.

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3. The Easy Bake Oven made playtime extra delicious.

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4. Chicken Limbo was a whole lot of fun.

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5. Only the coolest kids wore L.A. Gear shoes.


6. The Barbie Jeep let you cruise in style.

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7. Boys usually preferred the Power Wheels Jeep.


8. Tamagotchis let us have a pet in the palm of our hand.

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9. The Gameboy Color and those early Pokemon games. The perfect Christmas gift.

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10. Gooey Gak, because playing with sticky slime is weirdly entertaining.

NSI Floam / YouTube / Via youtube.com

11. Skip-It was a great way for kids to stay fit and have some fun.

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12. A giant AFX Race Track allowed you to recreate incredible races from the comfort of your living room.

Sisavath Sirithasack /YouTube / Via youtube.com

13. The Hot Wheels Car Wash shouldn’t have been so much fun, but it was.

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14. The Talking Family Dollhouse, filled with magical dolls that could really talk.

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15. The Etch-a-Sketch Animator took etching and sketching to the next level.

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16. The Super Soaker 50 was the ultimate way to annoy your friends and family.

Nerf / Wikia / Via nerf.wikia.com

17. Creepy Crawlers let you create your own crazy insects.

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18. The Fashion Wheel was perfect for aspiring clothes designers.

Under A Glass Sky / Via underaglasssky.com

19. This baby doll was able to eat and poop. Because why not?

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20. Pound Puppies were a vital part of every child’s stuffed toy collection.

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21. It was almost therapeutic to brush a Troll’s hair.

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22. American Girl Dolls were always gorgeous and fashionable.

American Girl Dolls / Via usatodayeducate.com

23. A Hess Truck to carry your little cars around.

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24. Moon Shoes were a weird idea, but they were really popular.

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25. Sky Dancers would usually fly away and get trapped behind some piece of furniture.

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26. The Power Rangers Megazord actually broke down into individual Zords!

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27. The African American Princess Imani doll was another big hit.

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28. No childhood was complete without two friends pulling a Stretch Armstrong as hard as they could.

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29. The Lite-Brite let you make some beautiful pictures.

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30. Star Wars fans went wild for this Millennium Falcon toy.

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31. The Hot Wheels PC was expensive and not even very good, but it looked so darn cool!

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32. Floam was the best.

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33. Skateboard Shannen showed us that girls could be great skaters too.

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34. Polly Pocket opened our eyes to a miniature world of wonder.

Flickr / Herry Lawford

35. The Micro Machines: Super Van City folded out to form a giant play area. So cool!

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36. Poo-chi was the ideal robot friend.

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37. The N64 was one of the best consoles ever.

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38. And finally, one of the most popular kids toys ever: Furby.

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