33 Heartwarming Photos That Will Make You Proud to Be a Part of the Human Race

Restoring faith in humanity…one simple act of kindness at a time.

These 33 photos perfectly captured the simple acts of kindness that became some of the most cherished memories in life. While guranteed to put a smile on your face, they just might bring a tear to your eye. 

Giving without expecting something in return, whether to a complete stranger, or an unfriendly enemy, is what bonds us together as the human race … and once in awhile, it’s nice to be reminded of that. These heartwarming images are proof there’s still (at least some) kindness left in the world. If nothing else, they will absolutely restore your faith in humanity. 


#1. An understanding meter maid.

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#2. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life.

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#3. She’s nice enough to teach this Egyptian little boy how to read and write so he won’t get lost on the subway.

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#4. Seeing the senior ladies didn’t have an umbrella, he took one from a nearby patio table … escorting them the 10 feet to their cars.

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#5. She could’ve kept walking, but chose not to.

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#6. Just like this thoughtful soul.

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#7. There was no specific reason she bought him lunch, or engaged in meaningful conversation. The woman just thought it’d be nice to acknowledge another person.

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#8. As long as she had a seat, that was the only thing that mattered.

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#9. He missed the bus to help a struggling old woman get down the stairs safely.

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#10. Paying it forward for the pup, it’s what he would have wanted.

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#11. Handcuffing his wrist to hers, the Chinese officer wagered his life the woman wouldn’t commit suicide.

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#12. John’s teaching the alphabet to his wife, Linda. After a tragedy, she lost her memory and ability to read.

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#13. Scott Widak absolutely loves opening all things postal: packages, letters, mail, you name it! Terminally ill and dying of a liver disease, he’s the official ‘mailer opener’ for his grandmother’s apartment building.

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#14. The Kenyan was predicted to win the race. That was before she stopped to help her fellow competitor, a disabled Chinese runner.

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#15. Billy Ray Harris was just hoping for some spare quarters. When this woman accidentally contributed her $4,000 wedding ring, he returned it.

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#16. After Hurricane Sandy, one little girl thought the expectant couple next store needed a little help.

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#17. The retired barber that offers haircuts on the streets for those less fortunate. His going rate? One hug per cut.

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via Huffington Post

#18. Simply because he wants to.

#19. One small phrase from a writer, one big smile for the reader.

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#20. He gave up his lifelong dream to run in the famous East Conference championship, just to save a stranger who was a match to his marrow.

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#21. The NYPD Policeman handed over the perfect, size 12, all weather boots the homeless man desperately needed. “Let’s put them on and take of you,” were his actual words.

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#22. And then there’s this man.

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#23. Andre Johnson, the wide receiver for the Houston Texans, handed over $9,000 after a toy shopping spree. It was all for charity.

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#24. There are no words. Speechless.

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#25. The group of Christians that attended a gay pride parade, strictly to offer sincere apologies for their fellow parishioners’ homophobic remarks …

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And what happened next…

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#26. Little Wyatt was the winner of a $10,000 scavenger hunt price prize. He thought two-year-old Cara Kielty could use it … to pay for cancer treatments.

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#27. Check mate. Faith in humanity, 100% restored.

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#28. She accidentally donated her junker of a refrigerator, the one with $5,000 in it. He returned every single bit of it.

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#29. It’s hard to top this one: [Click HERE to watch the full story]

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#30. Shep, the furry friend in John Unger’s arms, suffers from arthritis. Sometimes John holds him for hours to soothe the pain, payback for when Shep saved his life.

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#31. The business owner putting health ahead of wealth.

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#32. He just wants people to love books as much as he does.

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#33. And, for the grand finale … experience a love that conquered all.

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