30 Remarkable Uses Of Coconut Oil

You’ll definitely want to invest in a few bottles after reading this list

Coconut oil is one of nature’s greatest gifts. It has so many different uses, and today we’ll be looking at 30 examples. 


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  • Healing cuts. Coconut oil helps little cuts and scratches to heal up more quickly.
  • Oral hygiene. This oil helps to fight against bacteria and plague in the mouth. Just swill a spoonful around your mouth each day.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Try gargling with some oil if you have a cough, or apply it to inflamed areas.
  • Fight fever. This oil works to reduce fever and soothe pain. It’s ideal if you’re suffering from influenza or a similar infection.
  • Hangover cure. Coconut oil helps to make reduce the effects of a hangover.
  • To boost thyroid glands. Regular consumption of this oil will help your thyroid glands.
  • Strong bones. Plenty of coconut oil will help your bones stay strong and healthy. It can also help with joint pain.
  • Bug repellent. A mixture of ylang-ylang oil and coconut oil can work as a super mosquito repellent.


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  • Moisturizer. This oil is a really effective moisturizing agent. It can help cut down on wrinkles and make your skin feel soft and silky.
  • Anti-wrinkles. Consume and apply oil to reduce wrinkle development.
  • Eye cream. Apply a few drops of oil around the eyes before going to bed each night.
  • Anti-dermatitis. If you suffer from dermatitis, coconut oil can be a lifesaver. Apply some to the affected areas and witness the magical results.
  • Hair repair. This oil can be applied as a hair mask. Leave it to soak in and replenish your hair, leaving it richer and silkier than ever before.
  • Anti-dandruff. Apply some oil to your scalp and leave it overnight. It will moisturize the skin and cut down on dandruff formation.
  • Lip balm. This oil also makes for an excellent lip balm alternative.
  • Stronger nails. A bit of oil on your nails will help them to become tougher and stronger.
  • Body scrub. Try mixing some oil with some ground coffee and using the resulting mixture as a full-body scrub.
  • Skin softener. Apply oil directly to problematic areas of your skin, including elbows and heels, to soften the skin.


Please note that there are different kinds of coconut oil. Check the label to ensure that the product you choose is suitable for consumption.

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  • Frying. Coconut oil is able to retain its health-boosting benefits, even when heated to high temperatures.
  • Add some taste. Coconut oil adds a distinctive flavor to any dish.
  • Smoothies. A teaspoon of oil in your smoothie will make it even healthier than before. It also assists with weight loss!
  • Mayonnaise. If you’re making your own mayo, use coconut oil instead of other kinds of oil. The resulting mayonnaise will be less fatty and better for you.
  • Make eggs last longer. Brush your eggshells with some coconut oil to extend their shelf life.

Babies and Pregnancy

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  • Moisturize the breasts. This oil helps the breasts to stay moisturized, preventing the formation of any cracks of dry patches. It’s 100% safe for the baby too.
  • Make stretch marks vanish. Regular application of oil will help stretch marks fade faster.
  • Baby’s skin. Coconut oil is one of the best products for helping your baby’s skin stay smooth.
  • Anti-diaper rash. Use this oil during diaper changes to prevent any rashes from forming.

Other Uses

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  • Grease. Oil your kitchen appliances to keep them functioning smoothly.
  • Polish. Add a bit of oil to a cloth and use it to polish your furniture.
  • Unblock zippers. Your zipper got stuck? Use a bit of oil to solve the problem.
  • Fire-starting. A simple cotton ball soaked in coconut oil can be a safe way to start a fire.
  • Add a shine to leather products. Use some oil to give your shoes and handbags a good-as-new look.