30 Luxurious Home Items You Have To Get The Moment You Win The Lottery

Who DOESN’T need a floating bathtub?

Chances are, your dream home is filled with all the modern amenities, class, and luxurious statement pieces the world has to offer. When you’re attempting to make that dream a reality, consider these 30 amazingly unique options. You definitely won’t be disappointed. 

1. A suspended glass master bathroom.

architectureoskar/ Instagram

2. An outdoor living area with a fire pit.

bhhsnv/ Instagram

3. A swimming pool hallway.

realtycanada/ Instagram

4. A seat inside of a bookcase.

functional_home/ Instagram

5. A one-of-a-kind curved and tiled sink.

enjoythedesign/ Instagram

6. A kitchen focal point that serves as a refrigerator.

designinspirationsng/ Instagram

7. A bathtub with a waterfall shower.

assimeugosto/ Instagram

8. A sliding spiral staircase.

cinchbillsnap/ Instagram

9. A cave-like basement that boasts a lagoon.

besthomekitchenstuff/ Instagram

10. A wall of red wine.

functional_home/ Instagram

11. A two-story covered water slide.

besthomekitchenstuff/ Instagram

12. A library worth a thousand words.

dekorativblog/ Instagram

13. Stairs that appear to be ‘floating’ in midair.

adambeckerdesign/ Instagram

14. An outdoor gymnasium.

jcdubdub/ Instagram

15. A glass ceiling …. or floor depending on where you are.

rivernorthrealestate/ Instagram

16. Life-size scrabble.

xcluseshop/ Instagram

17. Vanities that light up.

minka_interiors/ Instagram

18. A stairway that’s also an optical illusion.

ourangle/ Instagram

19. A one-of-a-kind firepit.

realtordotcom/ Instagram

20. An indoor solarium.

theluxhaus/ Instagram

21. An extraordinary dining table and chairs.

stephenmorganphoto/ Instagram

22. An outdoor place for some ‘me time.’

bukombinev/ Instagram

23. A reflective staircase.

lady_alex_of_montenegro/ Instagram

24. An futon that doubles as a swing.

nordiskinterior/ Instagram

25. A shower bench that’s larger than life.

mypropertyeye/ Instagram

26. A rotating entrance.

tracymrivers/ Instagram

27. A patio breakfast nook.

jessicalynnwellness/ Instagram

28. A floating bathtub.

tuckerrealestate/ Instagram

29. A staircase with a dose of color.

realtycanada/ Instagram

30. A contoured work of art as a bathtub.

allutahrealestate/ Instagram