3 Year Old Girl Delivers Baby Lamb And It's So Cute

What a sight to behold.

The ability of this little girl to forget everything else and hone in on the moment is a sight to behold. She doesn’t let anything faze her, although some of the redness on her cheeks suggests she may be out of her depth here.

I still can’t believe this 3 year old is more equipped to birthing lambs than I am!

A video uploaded on Youtube shows a sheep on a farm in the UK in desperate need of assistance and little Lilly Nicholas being the first one on the scene.

“What can you feel? Can you feel anything?” asks her mother.

“I’ve got the lamb’s feet,” Lilly says.

“Pull the feet a bit and see if you can feel the lamb’s nose,” says her mom.

“It’s slippery,” says Lilly, now elbows deep in the mama lamb.

Even the mother starts getting nervous after the mama lamb brays. “Can you manage or do you want me to… Do you want me to have a go?”

Lilly goes for it and digs in. A few seconds later, she has the smallest pair of hooves in her hands and she proclaims, “I got it”! Lilly victoriously pulls out a healthy baby sheep.

These are the kind of moments that leave you speechless because there really isn’t anything to say. All you can do is admire the beauty.

Surprise deliveries are just the best, but this one takes the cake by a mile.

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