25 People Who Messed Up At Work

These mishaps are crazy

What’s surprising about this world is that so many of us are prone to making mistakes. A lot. Animals do it and even our anticipated overlords, the machines, tend to mess up at times. Humans are probably more prone to it than anyone, though.

In honor of that last sentiment, we have compiled 25 of the craziest mistakes folks have made while working.

1. Is this a new variety or did someone leave this out in the sun too long?

© vk

2. You know there’s a funny story involved when the end result looks like THAT.

3. This is either irony or a blatant example of how our education system is failing.

4. Something is definitely wrong here.

5. This coffee mug is unfit for the only job it’s qualified for.

6. Perfect for taking short naps.

7. Who knows… Maybe this is a scathing indictment on our perceptions of women.

8. You do you, toilet paper.

9. It’s laughable how close they were to nailing it.

10. When the instructions are unclear.

11. What in the world?

12. Something is off here.

13. When there’s a secret base towards the top of your cup and a hole at the bottom.

© JustHadOneJob/twitter

14. This drawer is torture.

15. When you get what you paid for, but not exactly.

16. This door revolutionizes the ‘open door’ policy.

17. This toilet judges you for having a short or even normal reach.

18. It’s unfortunate they never added Ben’s picture.

19. Oh how the mighty have been mislabeled.

20. Well, isn’t this a contradiction?

21. I can’t believe parkour staircases are a thing now.

22. I don’t know how you can mess this up, but kudos.

23. The day Macintosh ran on Windows.

24. When you mess up once to ruin a million moments.

25. Job well done, right?

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