25 Facts That Will Blow You Away

These are so cool!

Sometimes, we take our world for granted and forget just how amazing it is. So here are 25 facts to help you wake up and smell the roses.

1. Hippopotamus milk is actually pink. 81405-pinkmilk-650-a542d8629a-1484633951

2. Honey has no expiry date.

3. The Turritopsis Nutricla jellyfish is the only entity on earth that is immortal.

4. A human being can swim through the arteries of a blue whale because its heart is so huge.

© themarysue
© themarysue

5. But the whale’s throat is the same size as a saucer.

6. The person to ant ratio in the world is 1:1.6 million, however the weight ratio is roughly 1:1.

7. An octopus has two more hearts than we do.

8. When it was created, Feng Shui was actually the art of locating your own grave.

9. Rain is made from actual diamonds in Jupiter and Saturn.

10. This is what the sky would look like if Jupiter was as far from Earth as the moon:

© twistedsifter
© twistedsifter

11. The bacteria to cell ratio in the human body is around 10:1.

12. It is 100% probable that a molecule of the water you drink has once been through a dinosaur.

13. Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster.

14. Humans have 4 times fewer taste buds than the 27,000 that catfish have.

15. This is what sand looks like under a microscope:

© sandgrains
© sandgrains

16. An average goldfish bowl is actually the worst kind of home for them.

17. Having to read or look at screens in the dark has no adverse effect on vision.

18. The Aztec Empire is actually younger than Oxford University.

19. Santa’s name is Basil in Cyprus.

20. An African Elephant has yet to be tamed by anyone.

21. The left image is a candle burning on Earth. The right is a candle burning in zero gravity.

© popmech
© popmech

22. Sleep deprivation makes people see others as enemies.

23. Wrinkles are actually your body’s reaction to moist surfaces. The skin changes in this way to make it easier to grab onto things.

24. The philtrum, or groove between your upper lip and nose, is a reminder of your time in your mother’s womb. The two sides of your face grow independently and join together in the middle. When this is unsuccessfully done, a cleft palate is the outcome.

25. Round buttocks are apparently a consequence of evolution. Our ancestors required speed to catch prey and round buttocks aid in running faster.

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