24 People Who Made Some Big Mistakes

Think you had a bad day? These guys had worse!

There’s always a horrible moment when you realize you’ve done something you’re going to regret. Those who have been through it even once will know that I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s unequivocally the worst feeling in the world. Now that I’ve reminded you of things you regret, here are a few screw ups by others that will distract you.


reddit | Theron7050

2. Mr Truck, you will be missed.

reddit | [deleted]


reddit | NulloK

4. Makes you wonder how it could ever have seemed like a good idea.

Imgur | Maverick127

5. Remember the cardinal rule: pack before breaking up.


6. Can’t ever explain this one.

reddit | [deleted]

7. My God.

Instagram | isawitandii

8. Who is going to feel bad about this?

Imgur | thund3rbolt

9. It’s hard not to regret something that won’t go away for a month.

Imgur | WhittySatllite42

10. I feel so sorry.

Twitter | @smolgerbil

11. Slip ‘n slide: destination WRECKED.

reddit | darkviper039

12. Ouch.

Imgur | Herculaneum

13. Major headache in 3, 2, 1…

reddit | benman44

14. Choosing a spot can be tricky business.

eBaum’s World

15. Wasn’t that stupid?


16. Huh?

Imgur | Herculaneum

17. Why?

reddit | jakobminihan

18. Oh dear…


19. Know your limits.

reddit | MrKilroy5

20. Poor little guy!

reddit | yukikiki

21. There are miles of regret here.

reddit | iske

22. Anything to make yourself feel better, pal.

reddit | SomeJagaloon

23. It could be worse, I mean I don’t know how, but it could be.

reddit | InquiringMind886

24. When you know you’re going to regret it, but you do it anyway.

reddit | SwirlStick

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