24 Of The Funniest Pictures On The Internet

#17 is absolutely heartbreaking

Jenga, camouflage, and face swaps are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this edition of funny pictures. These pictures won’t just make you smile; they’ll have you gasping for air.

1. When high stakes Jenga finally comes to a crashing halt.

Reddit | asenvardar

2. The effort is praiseworthy.

Twitter | @erinumbrella

3. Super effective camouflage.

Instagram | @hispanic.ologies

4. Where does she even need to go?

Twitter | @cubanvelvet

5. When all students sleep during class, one rebel rises up and shames them.

Instagram | @kalesalad

6. Good heavens, would you look at the time.

Instagram | @douch.e

7. Call the priest. Call the priest now!

Instagram | @douch.e

8. It’s like a game, but actually a felony.

Reddit | ThisFeelsMoist

9. It took me longer than it should to realize that face swap had something to do with this.

Reddit |  iromeki

10. Recent events have taken their toll on all of us.

Twitter | @Sickayduh

11. When Wendy’s makes you work for it.

Twitter | carterjwm

12. When the plywood is as impressionable as your children.

Instagram | @hispanic.ologies

13. Owls are pretty good at hiding their weaker features.

Reddit | FourEyedJack

14. I think you can connect the dots from here.

Twitter | @AnnaKayFischer

15. When revenge isn’t a dish, but is served ice cold.

Twitter | @CakeLikeBeth

16. Photobombs are an art that very few have mastered.

Instagram | @douch.e

17. You have nobody to blame but yourself on that one.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

18. I guess that’s why the words “real facts” are surrounded by quotation marks.

Twitter | tatianawrites

19. Google is run by magic.

Tumblr | pamplemouzze

20. That’s fairly accurate, I’d say.

Instagram | @hispanic.ologies

21. Yin and Yang.

Imgur | WhoShotBambi

22. This might possibly be the biggest internet infatuation since Moon Moon.

Instagram | @kalesalad

23. When they overcome the language barrier by not even recognizing the problem.

Instagram | @douch.e

24. Whoever said boredom doesn’t breed creativity is full of it.

Instagram | @kalesalad

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