24 Incredible Uses Of Command Hooks

You’ll definitely be stocking up on hooks after reading this list

Command hooks are so darn handy. It’s always good to have a few of these hooks around the house, especially when you plan on doing some DIY. Here, we’ll be expanding your knowledge with 24 incredible uses of these fantastic little hooks.


1. Make storage containers even more effective.

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2. Add command hooks to your kitchen to hang decorations and utensils.

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3. Use hooks to add wire racks to cupboard doors.

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4. You can do the same thing on the walls, too.

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5. Use those hooks to hang up banners and decorations.


6. Hooks can help to hide cords away.

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7. Hooks can be used as toothbrush hangers. Just turn them to the side!

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8. Hang curtains with command hooks.

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9. Hold trash bags in place.

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10. Hooks can be used as belt hangers.

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11. Sunglasses can be stored in a similar way.

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12. Use some hooks for easy access to foils, papers and wraps.

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13. Add hooks to your appliances to prevent the cords from tangling up.

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14. Make yourself a coffee-making station with a few hooks.

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15. Hooks on the inside of cupboard doors can be used to hold pan lids in place.

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16. This Christmas, hang your wreath on a few command hooks.

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17. Wall-mount your router to keep it safe and secure.

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18. Keep your headphones in a handy spot.

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19. Wall-mount your tablet for when you want to watch movies and shows.

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20. Create your own little charging station for phones and other tech.

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21. Always losing your keys? Put them on a hook!

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22. Command hooks and little clips can help you hang almost anything.

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23. Make your own shoe rack!

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24. Clothes hangers and command hooks can help you display your kids’ artwork around the home.

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