24 Hysterical Pics That Captured A Day In The Life Of Someone You Wouldn't Trade Places With

Guys, you’ve all been a victim of #13!

Whether you’re working a miserable job, fighting with your significant other, or are just trying to make it through the day without committing a felony, you know just how frustrating life can be. More specifically, you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes. While you may not want to try that experiment in these 24 cases, hopefully you’ll at least be able to relate. 

1. Industry employees: the real MVPs.

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2. That’s actually not a thing.

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3. Looks like she’s their problem now.

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4. We don’t even want to know.

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5. Halved off sections of people’s foreheads? Really?

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6. He’s the one who deals with the ‘dissatisfied customers.’

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7. What else?

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8. No denial here!

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9. Timing is everything.

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10. You do you girl.

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11. They’re probably asking the same about highlighting and contour.

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12. #priorities.

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13. Yup. Bummer man.

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14. That’s your precious little angel.

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15. It must have been a really bad day.

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16. Just smile and wave.

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17. He’s gonna remember that one for sure.

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18. For his one and only.

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19. Shouldn’t that cautionary warning be a little larger?

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20. So you’re never apart.

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21. It’s almost a sin …

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22. Oops. Busted.

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23. You have fun with that.

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24. Don’t just stand there! Feed the adorable things!

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