24 Comebacks To Leave Them Whimpering

If you find nosy relatives super annoying, look out for #13

I sincerely believe that the true test of friendship is when you can finally start saying all kinds of messed up stuff to each other and just know that it’s all for fun and games. It can be a lot of fun to jokingly exchange insults and funny comments with your pals, and it’s a great way to learn awesome comebacks and one-liners! Here are some examples you might want to add to your repertoire.

1. Oh that burn came so HOT, it’s gonna leave you scalding!

Time to retreat into your little cubby hole and lick your wounds.

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2. That came out of nowhere!

I bet he’s gonna have trust issues for the rest of his life now.

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3. Word.

He’s not letting anyone take him for a ride.

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4. Oh that takes ‘Nasty’ to the next level!

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5. I’m just itching to use this one.

Hopefully you can have the rest of the evening without any more nosy interrogations!

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6. I’d be shocked if that worked.

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7. This one is harsh.

Only a true friend could get away with saying something like that.

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8. A burn you might regret.

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9. Ouch! He just got trampled all over!

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10. Okay she was clearly planning this for a while!

I mean, she had the whole punch line pic ready and everything!

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11. That should teach dads not to be all ambiguous with their kids.

I don’t know if the kid said that in innocence or because he’s the devil, either way, BURN!

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12. The classic ‘Yo Mama.’

So easy, yet so effective.

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13. Basically, none of your business.

Best be careful next time you annoy little kids. They have no filter.

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14. Word.

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15. Touché.

Though I guess they should gear up for a pretty long wait.

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16. A math burn?!? That’s like seeing a pink unicorn!


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17. I can almost hear the ‘Ex’ bells tolling.

Serves her right.

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18. Clearly you’ve never had to hitch a ride in a taxi before.

Or did you just think they drove people around in exchange for good will?

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19. Yup, you only have yourself to blame for that one.

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20. This makes my heart glad.

Best not to strike out at random people.

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21. We love it when dads hop aboard the Troll Train.

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22. The biggest joke of them all.

Best not to sass your mom around.

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23. Don’t come after guys in dresses. They SLAY!

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24. The climax of a joke several years in the making.

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