23 People Who Have No Idea How Hard They Failed

Stupidity is the simplest form of humor, and the most effective!

Here are 23 people who will be embarrassed pretty soon.

1. I don’t think you make waffles that way.

Reddit | alderno

2. Somebody teach him how to steal gas because this is ridiculous.

Reddit | beernerd

3. Interesting fashion choice.

Reddit | TcoTheol

4. Wait, what?

Reddit | Xanius

5. That’s not even slightly okay.

Reddit | [deleted]

6. Bad luck, dude.

Reddit | chris1121555

7. Thigh and forearm master?

Reddit | Isai76

8. You honestly think that’s Hong Kong?

Reddit | pclov3r

9. Why is this line not moving?!

Reddit | GuitrDad

10. That’s not correct.

Reddit | LebowskiDude

11. Home improvement?

Reddit | V1D30GUY12


Oh nooo!

Instagram | @savagerealm

13. How could anyone mistake that for a dog?

Reddit | skizmcniz

14. My God.

reddit | Monster-_-

15. Grammar nazis, assemble.

Reddit | AmbassadorMollari

16. This is not how to cook.

Reddit | [deleted]

17. You can’t turn there.

Reddit | trstmeimadoctor

18. That is just not normal.

Reddit | iamnotanasian

19. Nice parking job, idiot.

Reddit | iamfromwinnipeg

20. That’s not even remotely a fountain.

Tumblr | algrenion

21. Why would you ruin pizza?

Reddit | dusty1993

22. You know you’re done for when you can’t even beg right.

Instagram | @douch.e

23. That’s not the proper way to take a selfie!

Reddit | antani2

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