23 Instances Of People Speaking Before Thinking And Getting What They Deserve

How does it feel?

To make a judgement without knowing all the facts first is risky. These people learned their lesson a bit too late, but that just means more laughter for the rest of us. So let’s take a look!

1. Never assume. It makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.

Reddit | [deleted]

2. Seriously?

Reddit | rahulthewall

3. And I thought it was only the Brits…

Reddit | user-no-7

4. Ouch, that one must have hurt!

Instagram | @will_ent

Coming up…more fun

5. Jokes aside…

Reddit | fballmstr13

6. Friend?

You sure about that?

Reddit | PanzerPeach

7. Jonno, you’d be a fool to say that.


8. There’s nothing to stare at. Literally.


The next person got their life ruined…

9. What goes around comes around.

Reddit | okiedokeguy

10. Give it a thought before typing it…

Reddit | mpodlog

11. Tomorrow is coming a bit too late…

Twitter | @Izit_TheOne

12. He will surely pay for his words.

Reddit | mohammedtayyib

The next is just pure creativity!

13. Gunshots fired silently…

Reddit | skinnyfatchka

14. At least make sure you insult someone who deserves it!

Reddit | Ill-Fated

15. This person is mean!


16. First looks shouldn’t be judged…

Instagram | @yourtypicalgiggle

You’ll feel bad. Trust me.

17. Um… awkward.

Twitter | @destielwholock

18. Someone should house train Dmitri!

Imgur | Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

19. All because of a beauty blender… wow!

Reddit | jkahala

20. I think there’s just one sink, really…

Instagram | @_londons_very_own_ken

You’re either a victim on Tinder or you find a victim…

21. Pickup lines don’t always go in your favor…

Imgur | Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

22. He scores a point!

Reddit | Sheikamaru

23. A slap well earned.

Reddit | Kingbuji

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