23 Hopeless Individuals Realizing They've Made A Huge Mistake, Too Little Too Late

No turning back now … especially for the guy in #8.

Striving for excellence and perfection, humanity has failed miserably so many times. Caught telling little white lies, ignoring the basic rules of traffic, and committing cardinal sins in the kitchen, these 23 individuals are perfectly hopeless. Scroll through their regretful moments and rookie mistakes, getting a good look at these examples of what NOT to do.

1. What doesn’t have a pulse, is plastic, and models clothing?

HINT: The mannequin in front of her.

Reddit | GuitrDad

2. When you skip the quadruple check.

Any news on that ‘cancel text’ feature?

Instagram | @savagerealm

3. Whatever you do …

… don’t get your panties in a bunch.

Reddit | chris1121555

4. Africa called …

… they want to know if you’re sure about that?

Reddit | pclov3r