23 Hacks That Will Make Your Parenting Life So Much Easier

You might have a life again with all the time you will save.

If you’re not organized and have little sense of time, parenting is an extremely hard task for you to undertake. That’s saying something, because parenting for organized couples is hard enough as it is. You lose track of time taking care of your children’s incessant needs, their multitude of questions, and wiping their tears. But do yourself a favor and read up on these 23 parenting life hacks that will help unburden you of some of the load you carry.

1. Glue over the holes in your bath time rubber toys.

After a certain period of time, your kid’s bath time play pals will start looking a little worse for wear. To combat this, fill the hole in them with hot glue to prevent them from growing mold. This also makes them more durable.

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2. Purchase magnetic cups.

Kids always manage to lose things and cups are no exception. To save yourself from looking for cups they’ve lost, invest in magnet cups. They’re cheap and hard to lose.

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3. Baby mop.

Hey, if they’re going to be crawling all over the place, they might as well do some cleaning at the same time!


4. The craft room should have lint rollers.

Kids should come with an alarm button that sounds off whenever they get excited and are about to throw glitter around, because in my experience, it has happened way too much, and I’ve been unprepared most of the time. Not any more. A lint roller should save you from glitter Armageddon.


5. Buy a shower hat.

The shower hat, apart from always being in style, has the additional benefit of not allowing water to get into his/her eyes, which means less tears to worry about.


6. A food tray can be a shower caddy.

We all know how antsy kids can get when they’re hungry, especially while traveling. Use a shower caddy as a food tray to avoid this problem. It doesn’t take up much space!

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7. Use a cut up lotion bottle to extend the reach of the tap.

This will make it easier for your children to wash their hands in the sink. Consult the picture for more details.


8. Use a rubber band to teach your kids how to write if they have trouble.


9. Kangaroo mittens.


10. Kid detector.


11. Stroller scooters.

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12. Tooth Fairy stamp of exchange.

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13. Shoe clues to help them understand left and right.


14. The dot system of inheriting and organizing clothes.

For each article of clothing your kids own, add a dot in the order of seniority. The eldest gets one dot, the second gets two, and so on. This way, your kids know which clothes are theirs. As they get too big and pass their clothes on to their siblings, add another dot. This will keep things simple and organized.

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15. Lock your adapters so that your kids don’t get shocked.


16. Stair slide.

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17. Use a bib hanger at a convenient place.

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18. Duty chart.

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19. Pacifier containers.

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20. Organize toys and games in the car with a shoe hanger.

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21. A muffin liner to combat sticky fingers.

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22. A cloth over the baby’s playpen creates shade and keeps bugs away.

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23. Track medicine by recording it on the bottle.

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