23 Funny Couples Who Are Meant To Be Together

These people are having the best relationships ever

It’s 2016, and attitudes towards long-term relationships are starting to change. The idea of spending a life with someone is still enticing, but it’s also pretty terrifying to many people. Fortunately, these long-term couples are here to inspire us with their hilarious humor.

1. Just like a Nokia phone, this love is everlasting.

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2. Jim’s found a keeper.

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3. Gross, but cute.

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4. Double message.

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5. This is when you know you’ve found ‘The One’.

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6. It’s the simple things that matter the most.

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7. Hey cutie.

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8. This one is so funny.

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9. They’ll be together forever.

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10. Priorities.

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11. She’ll do anything to be with him.

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12. Amazing.

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13. So good!

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14. I don’t know what’s happening here, but I love it.

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15. Let’s all hope we find a relationship like this.

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16. Too cool for school.

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17. Jan always knows what to do.

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18. A dash of romance, a sprinkle of vulgarity.

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19. If your partner looks at you like this, hold onto them.

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20. Well the shoes are way prettier anyway.

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21. They’ve started their own burrito family.

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22. Old couples are the cutest couples. Fact.

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23. In sync.

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