22 Rotten Eggs Who Got What They Had Coming Thanks To A Little Lesson From Karma

Stealing a co-worker’s snacks, the guy in #14 definitely got a taste of something … just not anything good.

If you’ve played the “predator” in life, you might feel right at home while scrolling through these few images. Acting like total jerks, stealing other’s belongings, and downright refusing to be considerate human beings, these 22 rotten eggs finally got a taste of their own medicine, all thanks to a little karmic retribution. 

1. Nice try. Not today.

reddit | Eeli100

2. Don’t forget to pay for parking … those fees are brutal!


3. “No pizza for me? No problem. No pizza for you.”

reddit | Enter_Text_Here

4. There’s a reason for that “no parking” sign.

reddit | BLSBobby

5. Careful who you step on while climbing to the top …

Imgur | kimberlocks

6. Sorry, sir … cement wins … no matter what. Is this news?

reddit | Reyali

7. We have a genius in our midst.

Instagram | @tenacious.timstagram

8. What a crying shame.

reddit | frenchlimon

9. When the student becomes the master.

reddit | Kacigizi

10. Nearly run over a human? Yeah … we’ll be taking this.

reddit | rabaltera

11. That’s what happens when you mess with the big boys.

reddit | h0pfenbrei

12. Rookie mistake.

reddit | iluvmallrats

13. Four parking spots? You could say they got what they deserved.

reddit | Ubermass1990

14. Dessert will never be the same.

reddit | xzys

15. Sadly, no one’s above the law … or meter maids.


16. Read it and weep!

reddit | KurayamiKifuji

17. Wrong place at the wrong time. Bummer.

reddit | poolguy4208

18. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

reddit | [deleted]

19. Close to pulling off a hit and run … even closer to jail time.

reddit | Nugkill

20. Don’t mess with retail employees.

reddit | grallonson

21. Yikes. That’s gotta hurt.


22. Note to self: become smarter than the alcohol.

reddit | prawza

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