22 Must-Have Shower Curtains

You can’t complete this list without wanting to buy one

There comes a day when each of us wakes up and concludes that our bathroom is a tad too boring. However, today is the day that problem will cease to exist. Here is a list of some ridiculously funny shower curtains that are sure to spice up your gloomy bathroom.

1. “Forward!”

reddit | MovieGirl424

2. Nothing like some motivation to get you hungry for breakfast.

reddit | GiveMeBackMySon

3. For the weirdo in you!

reddit | RandomDuckWithAHat

4. Because why not?

reddit | Chunkums916

5. For the friend who likes to experiment with his beard.

reddit | XxWhIpLaSh18xX

6. Haters gonna hate, sloths gonna slay.

reddit | flabbypatty

7. That could be a lucrative YouTube channel!

Some of the titles in the sidebar are pretty interesting.

reddit | saxophone156

8. For the prankster!

reddit | MrBanana6261

9. We are totally dependent on the Internet now!

reddit | craned77

10. This will certainly brighten up your morning routine.

Memes are everywhere.

Imgur | Athena428

11. For your lumberjack friend!

reddit | Chopperguy

12.  This is wild!

reddit | markuswolfson

13. Behold, Thunder Cat!

reddit | moopymooperson

14. The true inspiration for King Kong.

reddit | downvote64

15. The Doctor is here!

reddit | RHCPent

16. Your next Halloween decoration.

reddit | DirigibleWolf

17. Don’t look!

reddit | bartarton1

18.  Jesus loves you.


19. Just magnificent.

reddit | Dr_Siouxs

20. The internet summed up in one glorious shower curtain!

reddit | boyforsale

21. One small step for bears, one giant leap for sloth-kind!

reddit | rfbandit

22. I’m getting nostalgic.

reddit | Corymfg