22 Images That Show Just How Powerful DNA Is

The resemblance is utterly shocking…

As it turns out, twins aren’t the only ones that can share an incredible amount of genetic material. While DNA is supposed to be particularly unique to each person, these photos suggest otherwise. Here are 22 pairs of family members who actually look a lot more like copies of one another than you might expect. 

1. Father and daughter.

© Patricia

2. Mother and daughter.

© Rachel Cross

3. These two women are actually four generations apart!

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4. Father and son.

© Jen Gevy

5.  Father and daughter.

© Clare Reed Rossetto

6. … and one more.

© Megan Coe

7. Great-great-aunt and her grand niece.

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8. Grandmother and granddaughter.

© CurtisMark

9. One more mother and daughter pair.


10. Father and daughter.

© Corin Kane

11. Three generations of beautiful women!

© Stephanie Lightcap

12. One more father and son.

© gassmaster

13. Great-grandfather and great-grandson.

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14. Mother and daughter.

© Ammie Thakkar

15. Grandmother and granddaughter.


16. A grandfather and grandson.

© Kelley Ponto

17. Father and son.

© Kate Michalowski

18. A father and son holding their respective children.


19. Another mother and daughter.

© blueeyedbadnews

20. Grandmother and granddaughter.

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21. Father and son.


22. Finally … one more mother and daughter.

© Joelle Delancey

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