22 Basics Who Are Absolutely Winning At Life

We love them for trying!

Sometimes, it is the little wins that get us through life. These people get it, and they’ve generously imparted their wisdom onto the rest of us. 

1. People always listen to memes.

Instagram | @kalesalad

2. When you know you’ve found ‘the one.’

Reddit | mySTi666

3. When you’re not quite sure if the invitation included dinner.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

4. See, the trick is to win over your fellow passengers BEFORE your child starts screaming.

Reddit | a300zx4pak

5. When you are willing to pay $1,500 for the ultimate selfie.

Reddit | smellyorcas

6. Small minds, small wins.

Twitter | @madddiiison

7. Wouldn’t want to leave anyone out!

Twitter | @Ataliagarcia5

8. Proof that everyone needs to blow off a little steam, sometimes.

Tumblr | skrotchevo

9. If you have a dog, and you aren’t forcing him into adorable snaps, are you even a dog owner?

Reddit | [deleted]

10. When you’d rather wear a greasy bag on your feet than cram them back into those heels!

Twitter | @martynhett

11. Dude stole her look.

Instagram | @will_ent

12. Too late to turn back now!

Reddit | Choco_Churro_Charlie

13. I think he’s learnt his lesson…

Reddit | Choco_Churro_Charlie

14. Popcorn isn’t for everyone…

Twitter | @DaleVDelrosario

15. The photographer knows.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

16. What a legend!

Twitter | @ovoxchlo

17. An ode to Jay Z.

Reddit | kekembas17

18. The heart wants what it wants…

Instagram | @kalesalad

19. When you find a way around a problem.


20. We’ve all done this.

Twitter | @gwondleabout

21. Don’t hate the game…

We Know Memes

22. He’s our hero, too!

Twitter | @Trungles