21 Photos That Prove Its Always More Fun Being Bad

Some people are evil geniuses, and their work has been documented…

Sometimes, being a little bit bad can be a lot of fun. These evil geniuses have been caught on camera giving, and we count our blessings and give thanks that we haven’t crossed their paths. 

1. She nasty…

Giant Gag

2. When you use your talents for evil.

reddit / Buzzlightyr

3. When you’re so bored you start pranking yourself.


4. When cake becomes the enemy.

reddit / Sage199

5. So many emotions in one little package.


6. When they have you against the wall.

reddit / Sp4rtaN25

7. When you are an evil genius.


8. The power struggle at the airport is so real.

reddit / Rocketbird

9. Why bother?

reddit / sojithesoulja

10. Thankfully, the other cat was spared.

imgur / awolpriest

11. Cruel Inventions.

reddit / abmiram

12. Next level Daddy Issues.

The Meta Picture

13. Sometimes wolves wear sheep’s clothing.


14. This is definitely a trap.

imgur / rastrocay

15. Someone is in for a rude shock.

imgur / steve699

16. Spoiler alert!

imgur / gimmeyosingssam

17. This guy knows how to play the long game.

imgur / Jiryn

18. Dear future scientists, we’re sorry.

imgur / whatshappeninghere

19. Someone has a death wish.

imgur / vodoocc

20. This is what pure chaos looks like.

reddit / swiftkicktothedick

21. This kid has a big future ahead.

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