21 People Who Are Keeping That Curve Game Strong

Wanna know what’s worse than being kicked out of the friend zone? Check out number 21.

No one likes being served a hard dose of reality. But sadly, we don’t get to choose whether it happens or not! The next time you get put in the friend zone, are left out in the cold, or are forced to confront the bitter face of rejection, just remember you weren’t the only one. These 21 poor souls were right there with you. You never know… their stories might even be worse than yours. 

1. He asked.

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2. RIP brother. RIP.

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3. Damn. It’s like that huh?


4. Another young life … lost to the friend zone.

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#7 is colder than winter on the North Pole.

5. It just kept getting worse.

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6. Just a tad antsy.

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7. Brrrr … that was frigid.


8. Guess she really didn’t know who she was messing with.

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#10 almost makes you feel a little bad.

9. Something isn’t quite right here.

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10. Was all that really necessary?

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11. Well we know her true feelings on the matter.

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Almost all of us are guilty of #12.

12. Can’t come back from that one!

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13.  It’s like watching Rose say goodbye to Jack.

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14.  Taking back all that Christmas cheer.

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15. When even the other realm curves.

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#18 is what high school prepared us for.

16. Pretty sure that response stopped working around 2009.

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17. Shout out the nice ones out there! You the real MVP.

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18. Powerpoint at its finest.

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19. No really though.

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The poor soul in #20 … you just have to see it for yourselves.

20. He might need a doctor after this.

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21. Wait for it …

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 … There it is. Retweeted by Yeezy himself.

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