21 Of The Most Hilarious Movie Mistakes

These costume mix ups are the worst in film history

It takes a special eye for detail to pick out these costume mistakes, but once you have seen them, you can’t unsee them. Tread carefully if you don’t want some of your favourite movies tarnished by these silly mistakes. 


A quick Google search would have notified the costume designers on the film of Braveheart that the Scots did not wear kilts until the 16th century. However, Mel Gibson’s character adorns one throughout the entire movie, which is set in the 1300s.


Django Unchained

Another fashion fumble, Jamie Foxx wears a pair of sunglass throughout this Tarantino masterpiece, despite the fact that sunglasses weren’t worn in the US until 1929. The movie stylists were about 70 years ahead of the trend.


My Girl

Who could forget Vada’s mood ring? It must have also had some time travelling powers because mood rings weren’t invented until three years after the movie was set.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

In this cult classic, Harrison Ford fights some Nazis who are wearing war medals that were used during WWII. However, the film is set prior to the war even taking place.


Schindler’s List

Ever noticed that all of the women in this film have shaven legs and armpits. Not only would it have been impossible to maintain such beauty practices in a concentration camp, but shaving was not common for European women until the 1940s.

Daily Mail

Pirates of the Caribbean.

This cheeky cowboy moseyed on into this scene during the filming of the epic pirate film.

Brain Berries

Singing in the Rain

The pink, poofy frock Cathy wears in this scene was a very popular look in the 1950s. However the film is set in the 1920s… whoops!



Look closely, and you will notice that all the jockeys in this film are wearing chin straps. This was a popular feature in horse racing that was introduced in 1956. The film was set in the 30s.

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The Aviator

The thin, frameless glasses Robert Gross wears in this film are ultra-modern. Way too modern for the 1920s.

Good Mad

Pearl Harbour

Almost all of the women in the film are bare-legged, even though it was highly likely women of this era would have worn stockings.


The Ten Commandments

While there are plenty of historical inaccuracies in this film, most obvious is Nefertiti’s dress. The dye needed to make a dress that bright a shade of blue simply did not exist and therefore could not have been made at this point in history.

Square Wheels Cycling


Many outfits throughout the film have zippers, which weren’t invented until 120 years after Mozart’s death.

El Confidential

American Hustle

A Rolex in the 70s? No, this watch was not made until 2010.


Dirty Dancing

Although they are super cute, Baby’s little denim shorts weren’t made popular until the 80s.



Ever notice that the hood Kane is wearing under his helmet magically disappears when the alien removes his headgear?

Movie Mistakes

The Empire Strikes Back

When magical jackets appear from nowhere.

Movie Mistakes

The Wizard Of Oz

Even though they are an important plot point of the film, Dorothy seemingly does not wear her ruby slippers throughout its duration.

Movie Mistakes

The Avengers

They had self-repairing suits in this film.

Movie Mistakes

The Wedding Singer

While most of the film is loyal to the style and sound of the 1980s, Drew Barrymore’s hairstyle is definitely more of a 90s trend.


The Informant

This film is set in the early 1990s. When on the course, the characters are sporting some serious looking Nike golf shoes. However, Nike didn’t start making golf shoes until 1996.



In the film’s most iconic scene, you can just see Russel Crowe’s shorts underneath his tunic. I’m not sure that the Romans wore bike shorts.


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  1. Here’s another mistake.
    In the movie twister, during the (cow) scene Bill Paxton, and Helen Hunt are driving down a one lane
    dirt road. The weather of course is tornado like with heavy rain and wind, as you are looking out the
    windshield. When the camera switches to Helen Hunt point of view, you can see out the drivers side
    window. The weather is sunny, and a car passes in the other direction, obviously a two lane road.