21 Before And After Maternity Photos Showcasing The Beautiful Bond Between Mother And Child

You’ll be thinking “awww” the entire time … guaranteed.

The miracle of life is truly a beautiful thing. So why not capture the most precious moments leading up to the main event? These 21 families chose to do exactly that, taking some breathtaking before and after maternity photos. These utterly precious keepsakes couldn’t be more adorable … your high-pitched “awws” will prove it. 

1. A fun way to say “I told you so.”

Stein Photography

2. With and without a belly.


3. A beach-themed shot.

Keila June Photography

4. Dad gets the picture.

Ama Photography/Aisha Khan

5. From bump to baby.


6. Flower power times seven.

Natalia Karpovovy/Elena Gannenk

7. Showcasing the three-step journey.

Bron Bates

8. Putting a face to the belly.


9. A reminder of where it all started.

Sophie Starzenski

10. Mommy’s little helper.


11. A photographic time-lapse.


12. Anxiously waiting to unwrap the present.

Shirley Hilgert

13. One for me and one for you.

Said Mhamad Photography

14. A black and white “before and after.”

Mariana Valentini Photography

15. From queen-to-be to queen bee.

Elate Photography

16. Coming out of the darkness.


17. A mirror image.


18. Growing by one more.

Mariana Valentini Photography

19. A family of two that became three.

Out Of The Blue Photography

20. The most important life in life.

Audrey Spear Photography

21. Birth captured in color.

Shannon Worley Photography

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