20 Ways You Can Use Purple Nails For Your Manicure

The color makes you feel like you’re running through a garden of violets!

Purple is a color of elegance and richness, and it’s back in style. Any shade of purple will always stand out and exude a sense of style, and here are some great ways you can incorporate the color into your next manicure!

1. Shiny purple looks great!

tumblr | megaperfectthings

2. A purple galaxy looks magical and is a great way to use the color on your nails.

tumblr | hello-glossy

3. You can lose yourself in the mysterious dazzle of this look.

Wink and Blush

4. No other color looks as great in the intricate Fishtail manicure.

Instagram | @aubreyhannah

5. For a brighter look, a light shade of purple is the way to go.

tumblr | pre4ch-canon

6. Purple and military camouflage: Our two favorite things in the world. The manicure takes a total of eight different shades, but is totally worth it.

Sassy Shelly

7. Experiment with glitter!

tumblr | magicallypolished

8. These nails are a fashion statement. They ooze boldness and make you feel like you can conquer the world.

tumblr | polish-my-nail

9. These nails look like purple fireworks exploding on your fingers!

tumblr | nailuminum

10. When purple is paired up with white in such a fine way, it’s simply stunning.

tumblr | just-stop-lying

11. For a sleek and professional look, always go for the matte nail polish.

tumblr | glamourqueenn

12. For a more earthy feel, use purple with a subtle faded silver design.

Instagram | @squeakynails

13. Purple goes well with almost every color, but when paired with black, it looks particularly classy.

tumblr | amateurmanicure

14. This is too pretty for words.

tumblr | jlsnails

15. This polish will gleam ever so beautifully in any kind of light.

tumblr | obessesedwith-cosmetics

16. Who wouldn’t get lost in the beauty of these nails?

tumblr | amyykitty

17. This dreamy design makes you feel like you’re looking down into magical waters.

tumblr | beauty-mac

18. Lacquer nails look clean and highly sophisticated. And designs made with stripping tape only add to the charm.

tumblr | thenailpolishchallenge

19. For something a bit more jazzy, use glitter to create half moons on a solid purple base.

tumblr | alaracroft

20. A sleek black design goes well when subtly used with a sharp shade of purple.

tumblr | fragileheartxxx

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