20 Things You'll Never Look At The Same Way Again

There are some things you just can’t unsee…

Some images simply stay in your mind. Usually, these images happen to be the embarrassing moments, forbidden images, or ‘ex files’ we’d rather forget. To give your brain a break from the awfulness, here’s a few that aren’t too bad. In fact, they’re actually funny! 


1. There’s a superhero within our midst.

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2. Are they extinct? … or are they not?


3. This car really does have a mind of its own. No, really.

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4. A relationship request probably isn’t in their future.

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5. All of geography class was a lie.

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6. Cat paws? Did you mean miniature teddy bears?

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7. When you can’t unsee the optical illusion.

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8. The anteater’s legs look like a panda!

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9. 100% accurate.

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10. Eureka!

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11. It’s ok, you can run out to check yours. We’ll wait.

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12. Well now I do!

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13. Let’s do this!

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14. It’s the ears.

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15. Umm … apparently nearly dying is funny?

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16. OMG it’s true!

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17. The Triforce. (Zelda, anyone?)

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18. “What do you mean? … Of course it was an accident.”

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19. Weird!

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20. Ever heard of double nose instead of double chin? You’re welcome.

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