20 Things People 100 Years Ago Imagined Would Be Possible Today

Were they on the money, or way off?

Towards the end of the 19th century, many European artists created postcard drawings that predicted their ideas of what the future would hold. These postcards were then hidden inside cigarette packs and chocolate boxes.

Here are some fascinating illustrations from the series that attempted to imagine what life would look like today, drawn 100 years ago.

1. Unfortunately, farmers aren’t yet able to tend to their crops with a simple button and lever system.

© Wikimedia Commons

2. Thankfully, the idea that we could communicate with our loved ones irregardless of location has become a reality.

© flickr

3. When are we getting automatic moving sidewalks??

© Wikimedia Commons

4. And we definitely need a system that can manipulate the weather and shoo storm clouds away.

© Wikimedia Commons

5. Not sure how I should feel about headsets that channel knowledge into the minds of students…

© Wikimedia Commons