20 People Doing Incredible Things

It’s amazing what humans are capable of

People are pretty awesome. Sometimes, we’re simply blown away by how awesome they are. Here are 20 examples.

1. Just when you think he’s messed up, he nails the perfect landing.

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2. I wish I could do this.

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3. This guy’s super talent is imitating chairs. Awesome.

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4. Now that’s how to multi-task.

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5. Mister Cool.

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6. This girl is amazing.

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7. At least she’ll keep them safe if any supervillains turn up.

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8. Definitely don’t want to get in a fight with this girl.

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9. Perfect timing.

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10. Life saver.

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11. Drinking beer and riding a pig. The dream?

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12. How…?

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13. What a brave guy.

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14. When in doubt, salute.

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15. That’s one way to put on a hat.

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16. This baby is destined to become a spy.

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17. Juggling + Eating > Any other kind of juggling

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18. Awesome reaction.

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19. He totally meant to do that.

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20. What a bluff!

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