20 Of The World's Most Stunning Natural Phenomena

You have to see to believe!

The world is a vast and spectacular space that is full of incredible phenomena. Nature is truly inventive with the ability to create the most inspiring displays of wonder. 

1. Snow chimneys evolve from volcanoes which are active in the coolest parts of the world.

Georgestein Metz

2. These epic displays of light are called dirty thunderstorms.

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3. Light Pillars look like showers of color raining down on us.


4. Have you ever witnessed anything like a Moskstraumen?

Trek Eart

5. This spotted lake is baffling.

Amusing Planet

6. Frost flowers, both stunning and humbling.

Deep Sea News

7. The great blue hole is something to marvel.

Twisted Sifter

8. Imagine coming across this scene at Lake Natron!

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9. Aptly named; Fairy Circles


10. Murmurations are clusters of around 50,000 starlings.

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11. The red crab migration would be something to see.


12. These underwater crop circles are simply incredible.

Conscious Life News

13. Not sure I want to come across ‘the door to hell.’


14. Catumbo lightning is truly magnificent.

Neat Nature

15. How sweet is this Winnie The Pooh cloud!

Dailymail Xposure Photos

16. Flammable ice bubbles are almost unbelievable.


17. Circumhorizontal arcs, how pretty!


18. Imagine trekking across the Giant’s Causeway…

Hotel Club

19. Take a magical dip in the sea of stars!


20. This lenticular cloud is awe-inspiring.

imgur | Anrora