20 Nail Art Hacks That'll Make You A Pro In No Time!

Want perfect nails without crazy money spent on a salon? Take a look at these awesome tricks for that pro-glamor look!

With Paris Fashion Week in full swing, now’s the perfect time to make sure that you have your manicure at the top of its game…

Just like some of the new looks you’ll find on the runways, there are some gorgeous looks for nails as well, but they won’t come easy! You’ll need more than your nail filer and that basic red nail polish you adore to keep up with the latest trends.

Luckily for you, this is the most helpful guide to have you rocking the greatest manicure you can- from prepping to polishing, it’s all here! You’ll have your favorite look perfected in no time!

1. Let’s start off by removing that ghastly old nail polish and having a clean start. A really easy way to whiten those nails of yours is just the same exact way you would your teeth, using toothpaste! Just soak your nail and get scrubbing.

Wacky Laki

2. Now go out and buy all the basics, because you’re going to need them! From polish removers to clippers, everything will come in handy, so make sure they’re clean and ready to go.


3. Below is the perfect guide on how to masterfully paint your nails. So, you won’t have to worry about messing your technique up again.


4. Pick the style that best fits you.


5. White nail polish can be the most important, so don’t go blowing all your money on those flashy colors just yet!

Creating Laura

6.This super easy-to-do trick will leave you with the perfect French manicure.

Nail Nerd

7. This really awesome splatter inspired paint design is just what you need to look like you just walked off a Paris runway!

Pretty Gossip

8. Don’t have the tools for a perfect French manicure? A Band-Aid is just as useful!

De Lune

9. No need to buy a special matte nail polish to get the look. You can make your own with cornstarch and clear nail polish.

An Onion Exposed

10. Make sure you use tape for practically everything!


11. Getting that ombre look you’re after isn’t as hard as you think. All you have to do is mix the nail polish lightly, dab it using a sponge, and then finish it all off by placing a sponge over your nail.

The Nailasaurus

12. If you want to add more detail to those cute nail designs, definitely use a gel pen!

Nail Art Couture

13. Time to make use of all those old fishnet stockings you have lying around.


14. Using a layer nail gel, you can make your own shellac.

Mint Arrow

15. If you’re wondering how to they make those adorable polka dots, how about using a band aid?


16. If you’ve ever gotten annoyed with those gel nails that last forever and you really want to get rid of them, this is an easy way to do it.

the Beauty Department

17. Just adding a simple base layer of glue can easily help you peel off that nail you’re tired of.

Wacky Laki

18. Since you’re a professional by now, this plaid design shouldn’t give you too much of a hassle.

StyleCaster Nailed It

19. Nail polish remover is the perfect way to make sure your new nails are clean and ready to go.

Makeup and Beauty Blog

20. Every girl hates it when they get that pesky nail polish on the outer skin, but using Vaseline to clean it off will make sure you never worry about it again!

Charisa Darling

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