20 Lazy Hairstyles For An Easy Life

Woke up late? Forgot to wash your hair? We’ve got your hair woes covered.

There are days when it’s just easier to spray some dry shampoo onto those oily locks and throw them up in a messy bun and pretend that’s the look you were going for. But, if you’ve been rocking that same messy style three days in a row, you might want to check out some alternatives. 


1. 20 Second Low Do.

Love This Pic

2. Genius two-step curls.

tutorial / Floridian Weddings

3. Add dry shampoo before bed, instead of after.

Wikihow / The Daily Muse Blog

4. Dry and style with a hot air brush.


5. Add an instant lift with bobby pins!

The How To Mom

6. Add drama and height with a stretchy headband.

Total Beauty

7. Cover the headband for sweetness and softness.

Missy Sue

8. No hair tools? No problem.

Nerdy Girl Makeup
Nerdy Girl Makeup

9. When dry shampoo just isn’t going to cut it…

Stay-ing Alive

10. 10 second hairstyle? Yes please!

The Small Things Blog

11. Create volume with a discreet clip.

Artzy Creations

12. Sweet and easy.

A Little Slice Of

13. Crisscrossed drama works better with unwashed hair.

Vecko Revyn

14. Stretch super tight curls in just 10 minutes.

15. Mind blown!


16. Try spin pins over bobby pins.

Real Girl Glam

17. Sleek and easy for work.

Yoga By Candace

18. Enhance your ponytail with a knot.


19. When it’s beyond help, cover with a trendy turban.

Barefoot Blonde

20. If all else fails, resort to the tried and tested original!