20 Hilarious Disney 'Cake Wrecks' That You Need To See

It’s hard to choose, they’re all so bad.

Some of them you can almost make out, while some are completely unrecognizable. Even so, these 20 Disney themed creations have one thing in common: they are absolute cake-wrecks! We’re not sure who was in the kitchen, but let’s take a moment to appreciate their not-so-impressive baking skills.

#1. Half an eyebrow and heart shaped lips.

Yup. Sounds realistic.

via Cake Wrecks

#2. What a creative way to repurpose recycled glass.

Kids! Your “Frozen” cake is here.

via Craft Fail

#3. No sharp objects around the kids. Yes, that includes Mickey’s chin.

Number of days without an injury: 0.

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#4. Happy 64th birthday to Tink!

At least we’re not the only ones not aging gracefully.

via B’s Sweet Creams

#5. On a scale from 1-10?

Make it a -6,347,000, the flower actually isn’t that bad.

via reddit/u/[deleted]

#6. Buzz is looking awfully presidential for some reason.

Did he gain some weight?

via Mandatory / Cory Jones

#7. She better stop trying to eye Prince Charming.

She might lose an eye if she carries on like that.

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