20 Funny Tweets About Married Life, Written By Husbands

These guys are in it for the long haul

Being married is great. It means that you’ve found someone who loves you so much that they want to share their whole life with you. It’s romantic and wonderful, but it isn’t always easy. These husbands have been tweeting about some of the realities of married life.

1. Definitely worse than the silent treatment.

via Twitter / @KentWGraham

2. Serious business.

via Twitter / @simoncholland

3. Get it right!

via Twitter / @XplodingUnicorn

4. Marriage is about sharing, but sharing food can be hard.

via Twitter / @tchrquotes

5. Oh darn. You beat me to it!

via Twitter / @Mr_Kapowski

6. He’s going to the dark side.

via Twitter / @AndyAsAdjective

7. That’s one way to get revenge.

via Twitter / @TheGladStork

8. Marriage is a learning experience.

via Twitter / @PJTLynch

9. Feeding the cat suddenly looks like the best option.

via Twitter / @GrantTanaka

10. It’s getting hot in here.

via Twitter / @WilliamRodgers

11. That’s true love.

via Twitter / @TheAlexNevil

12. I wonder how he’ll talk his way out of this one.

via Twitter / @david8hughes

13. “Your wife’s home”

via Twitter / @_troyjohnson

14. Golden rule.

via Twitter / @Underchilde

15. Married couples need to be sensible with their finances.

via Twitter / @KeetPotato

16. Romantic!

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17. Sounds like a fun place to live.

via Twitter / @KentWGraham

18. Poor woman…

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19. Not as bad as having an affair, but close!

via Twitter / @WilliamAder

20. This husband is awesome.

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