20 Facts About The Harry Potter Movies That Almost NOBODY Knows

This blows us away!

I pride myself in knowing so much about the Harry Potter series; I can put casual fans to shame. Time, and of course this list, has taught me there is so much that I still don’t know. Check out the list and see how much you missed.

1. McGonagall herself was an excellent Quidditch player.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Minerva’s name is scribbled alongside James Potter’s name on a trophy.


2. The casting process was perfect.

To get to know the film’s main trio, the director, Alfonso Cuaron got them to write an essay about the role they would play. Obviously Daniel Radcliffe wrote a satisfactory one page essay, Emma Watson went above and beyond with 16 pages, and Rupert Grint never bothered to turn it in.


3. The secret to The Burrow’s perfection.

To make the Burrow look unkempt and untidy, the walls on the set were not built at the right angles and support beams were dragged out.

Alyson Shontell | Business Insider

4. Retail logistics.

Upon the release of the third book, the publisher asked stores to hold off on selling the books until after school hours, so kids wouldn’t be at the stores at school times.


5. Animal problems.

Given the books’ propensity to talk about animals, there was a team dedicated to taming and coaching animals. Hedwig was played by four separate owls, each taught a specific function. Scabbers was played by more than a dozen rats, Crookshanks was played by four cats, and Norbert was played by 9 dogs.


6. An excess of wands.

The number of wands used in the entirety of the series amassed over three thousand. Ollivander’s shop contained 17,000 boxes of wands.

tumblr | thepositivepotter

7. Mementos galore.

A total of five warehouses were needed to keep all the props for the movies.

The props included 40,000 Weasley’s Wizards Wheezes products, 25,000 pages of the Quibbler, 5,000 articles of furniture, and 12,000 books. One of these warehouses also holds an epic petrified Hermione wax figure.


8. Albus’ office.

The huge bookshelves in Dumbledore’s office had to be stacked with a bevy of phone books. The memory cabinet was filled with 800 vials.

Harry Potter Wiki | Smonocco

9. The goblet of fire is HUGE.

Coming in at a height of about 5 feet, the goblet of fire, now on display at the Warner Brothers Studio, was carved out of an Elm tree.

Fanpop Business Insider | Alyson Shontell

10. Draco, the nuisance.

Felton’s Hogwarts robes had to be sewn shut in the filming of the third movie because he continuously tried to smuggle food on set.

tumblr | fallingforamalfoy

11. Rupert Grint was removed from the set in the last movie’s filming, during the shooting of the scene where Harry and Hermione kiss.

He couldn’t contain his laughter.


12. J.K. Rowling is rollin’.

She was the first ever writer to earn a billion.


13. Apparently, and this is true, Moaning Myrtle was not Daniel Radcliffe in a wig.

As ludicrous as it sounds, Myrtle was apparently played by a 37 year old woman in the second movie. Wow.

Pinterest | Carolyn Walker

14. How did they do it?

Three double-decker buses were used to create the massive Knight bus. The flying car scene from the second book required 18 cars.


15. She who must not be named.

Umbridge’s wardrobe got decisively more and more pink as she gained more power.


16. You ride together, you get sick together.

During the filming of the second movie, the child actors had to be sidelined because of an outbreak of lice.


17. Best fanbase ever.

A man made the following poster for his girlfriend by writing down the first 106 pages of the first book. The number of fan fiction pieces on the series total at around 750,000.

imgur | BananaCatForScaleTax

18. Floating candles in the first movie were suspended by wires, which were digitally removed.

However, the flame from the candles burned the wires and caused the candles to drop, so the candles were later added digitally.


19. The designers made 15,000 orbs.

In the fifth movie, Harry finds the prophecy in one orb among many. There were originally supposed to be 15,000 orbs (that had already been made by the designers), but then the orbs were just added digitally.

Harry Potter Wiki Fr | PP49

20. Rupert got bars.

Rupert dressed as his drama teacher and made a rap about his future character Ron on his audition tape. Sadly, no footage of this exists, so we have to placate ourselves with the reenactment below.

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