19 Nail Designs That Will Make You Want To Eat Them Up

These yummy designs will give you cravings

Just a heads up before you read this article, if you have a sweet tooth, you will end up craving sugar after you’re done reading this. These nail designs are good enough to eat!

1. Can I please take these off and eat them!?

Instagram | @getbuffednails

2. That’s a whole lot of sweetness.

tumblr | basecoat-topcoat

3. Who doesn’t love chocolate? 

tumblr | choco-browni3s

4. Sprinkle on that sugary goodness…

tumblr | paigedoesnails

5. Try every flavor of froyo, on your nails that is. WOW!

Instagram | @ka_yee_or

6. I could take a bite from each of these delicious nails…

Instagram | @addictedtonailss

7. Make sure the color stands out with this black background.

Instagram | @nailzbymichael

8. Craving an ice cream sandwich so badly…

Instagram | @ka_yee_or

9. Snow cones!

Instagram | @ka_yee_or

10. Cut us a slice of that heavenly rainbow cake!

Instagram | @ka_yee_or

11. These look 100% scrumptious.

Instagram | @dallasbeautylounge

12. Why can’t we just eat them? WHY?

Instagram | @aomziin18

13. You’ll get diabetes just by looking at these ones…

Instagram | @aomziin18

14. More chocolate. Excuse us while we salivate…

Instagram | @aomziin18

15. Christmas memories with these chocolate cookies. I eat them all up!

Instagram | @photoglaugher

16. They’re just too tasty!

Instagram | @soqnails

17. Nom nom nom.

tumblr | cosmeticscastle

18. Put a dollop of ice cream with the nuts and fudge please!

Instagram | @lemoney2

19. These nails WANT to be eaten. 

Instagram | @hannah_lola_nails

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