19 Cleaning Hacks Every Lazy Girl Needs To Know

If you’re really lazy, read on

No one really likes to clean. But, if you’re part of the population that really hates cleaning, these tips and tricks are especially for you. While they’ll help you pass the white glove test, they won’t make you want to pull your hair out.

#1. Why make extra work for yourself? We have tortillas for that.

No bowl? No problem.

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#2. Blast away unwanted aromas with a little white onion.

If you’re not enjoying a ‘fresh linen’ scent throughout your home, we have a quick fix. Take a white, peeled onion, and slice it in two. Now place the halves in whatever area of the home could use a little refreshing. Believe it or not, the onion will absorb whatever mysterious odors may be lurking.

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#3. In a bit of a rush? Try taping a dryer sheet to an air conditioning unit for a quick burst of freshness.

Isn’t this the #7,245th use for those things?

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#4. Grab a few fluffy socks and let your feet do the sweeping.

Wearing these “Swiffer Socks”, you can do twice as much cleaning during a snack run or trip to the bathroom. Well done. Now, time for a break.

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#5. Keep a no-wipe, all-purpose cleaner in the tub and scrub while you shower!

It’s a two-in-one no brainer.


#6. Grimy coffee stains leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Pour a splash of vinegar in the mugs and they’ll be good as new.

Forget the scrub brush. Bonus: this little trick also works on coffee and tea pots!

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#7. Add a layer of plastic wrap and you’re basically done.

Perfectly sanitary and easy to clean. It’s a lazy girl’s dream!

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#8. Save your shelves!

…or anything else for that matter. Thanks to this lazy girl hack, you’ve got a quick and easy cleanup for those sticky jams and jellies.

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#9. …or if you’d prefer to reuse and recycle, these plastic placemats are an option.

Plus, you get an instant pop of color on the shelves!

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#10. Catch all those crumbs before they create an even bigger mess.

Fun fact: aluminum foil can sometimes void your oven’s warranty! Try this instead:

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#11. Grab a couple fabric softener sheets to quickly remove water spots from bathroom mirrors.

No, thank you Windex. I’ll take it from here. -Love, Dryer Sheet

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#12. Stick to liquid. It’s the lazy girl’s soap.

Bar soaps are notorious for leaving that ugly ring around tile floors, sinks, and bathtubs. Their liquid counterpart is definitely the better choice.

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#13. Save time (and electricity) by washing those delicates in the shower.

This may be a difficult idea to implement at first. But once you find your groove, it’ll become a cake walk!

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#14. Let your blender clean itself after a mix up.

Guarantee those pesky blades are squeaky clean by adding some soap and warm water before a blend. Voila! Good as new.

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#15. Snatch those outdated post-its from the desktop, they’ll cling to the tiny dust bunnies in your keyboard.

You were going to throw it away anyway, so you might as well get your money’s worth.

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#16. Dryer sheets promise not to scratch while adding a brilliant shine to dusty surfaces.

We have GOT to find a way to get a bulk deal on these.

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#17. Lint rollers can pull double duty cleaning those delicate lampshades. You’re welcome.

Have we been living under a rock? This is genius.

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#18. Condense as much as possible.

It’s literally half the work! Two-in-one inventions are absolute necessities for us lazy girls.

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#19. Scrub smart, not hard.

Some ammonia and water-resistant bags could virtually eliminate the need for you to pick up a wire brush. Seriously.

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