19 Jobs Around The Globe That Will Make You Think Twice Before Quitting Your Own

Proceed with caution.

It’s pretty much common knowledge most of us don’t really like to work. Between the high strung environment, the boss, and the responsibilities, it’s almost as though we can’t catch a break! That said, these 19 images might put things into perspective just a tad.  Before you go marching off to human resources, take a look at these 100% unique and definitely stressful careers around the globe. Chances are, you’ll want to keep that 9-5.

1. Wallowing in dirt while extracting oil.

© sumkino

2. Risking it each and every time as a firefighter.

© Dark

3. Mining the dark caverns of the Earth.

© Colin

4. Trucking through the world’s toughest terrains.

© k60.kn3.net

5. Carrying this sort of weight on your shoulders.

© Masashi Mitsui

6. Digging into the narrow ledge of a cliff.

© Jonjonnotaleprechaun

7. Repairing this enormous earth-mover.

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8. Walking to the construction site.

© IC

9. Scaling the tallest heights.

© Steve Fernie

10. Searching the African waters for those sparkly gems.

© masternews.gr

11. Hammering the rock from the coal in Pakistan.

© esquire.kz

12. Mounting these super high electricity cables in China.

© Rex

13. ‘Taking the garbage out’ in Haiti.

© cs633517.vk.me

14. Unplugging the clogged street drains of India.

© Sagar Kaul

15. Bracing for the impact as long distance sailors.

© DragonPhister

16. Changing the most epic tire in a routine day.

© kalina2.ru

17. Weathering the winter storm as deep sea fisherman.

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18. Braving the angry waters as the U.S. Navy.

© LCDR Everitt

19. Packaging rice in India.

© 1.dainteresdit.ge

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