19 Images To Show How Weird Cats Can Be

Will we ever truly understand our feline friends?

It wouldn’t be the internet without some funny cat pictures, so here are 19 of our favorites.


1. It’s comfier when it’s turned on.

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2. Why?

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3. Fine by me.

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4. Cat owners know all about this.

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5. And this.

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6. This won’t end well.

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7. He’s not wrong.

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8. Tastes better when it’s someone else’s.

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9. Burned.

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10. Can you spot him?

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11. Why do they do this?

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12. The box is so much more fun.

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13. Having a cat can be a challenge sometimes.

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14. This is a great position. I can see nothing wrong with this.

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15. Hmm.

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16. So cute!

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17. This does actually work.

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18. Cats love to hoard.

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19. Adorable.

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