19 Hilarious Text Conversations That Will Have You ROFL

Oh, we mean it.

We’ve had some great times with autocorrect in the past. Shout-out to those awkward moments with mom and dad! But these text convos might be even better (and don’t worry, they’re not just autocorrect fails). Between parents, kids, complete strangers, and people trying WAY too hard, these photos will have you ROFL.

#1. Take a hint. Please. It’s painful.

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#2. Should have asked Mom for help.

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#3. We like it better this way.

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#4. Is she going to be OK?

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#5. LOL. Why don’t you just stay there.

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#6. ANSWER THE QUESTION! #priorities.

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#7. SMH. Did you even LOOK at the pictures?

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#8. One Direction … or one dementia?

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#9. Somehow, I think he’s a little disappointed.

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#10. Yessss. Grandma wins again!! ROFL.

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#11. …and world’s best daughter goes to… never mind.

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#12. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

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#13. Way to stretch those creative muscles. Not.

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#14. Abort mission. ABORT.

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#15. We’ll have to get them together sometime. They might hit it off.

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#16. Just so you don’t throw yourself off a building today.

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#17. Mmm. Yummy.

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#18. Good call Tina. Good call.

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#19. Learning abbreviations is hard.

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