19 Famous People Who Changed Their Names

These celebrities invented new names to help them become famous

It isn’t as common these days, but back in the early years of showbiz, it was pretty normal for aspiring young actors and actresses to change their names. Stage names often seemed flashier and fancier than regular names, giving the individual a bigger chance of becoming a star. Here are 19 celebrities who used a fake name to attain their fame.

1. Natalie Wood

Wikimedia Commons

Wood was born to a Russian family, giving her the original name of Natasha Nikolaevna Zakharenko.

2. Michael Caine

Flickr / kate gabrielle

Michael Caine’s real name is Maurice Micklewhite, which, if you ask us, is already pretty badass! Apparently, Caine decided on his new moniker when he saw a poster for the Humphrey Bogart film, ‘The Caine Mutiny’.

3. Bea Arthur

Wikimedia Commons

The star of ‘Golden Girls’ is actually called Bernice Frankel.

4. Rock Hudson

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Born Leroy Harold Scherer Jr., we think Rock Hudson is about a million times cooler.

5. Doris Day

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Day was originally born Doris Kappelhoff. Her German-sounding surname might have been frowned upon, so she decided to switch to something cheerier.

6. Joan Crawford

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Born with the decidedly French name of Lucille LeSueur, Joan switched to something much more American.