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19 Examples Of People Having Really Good Luck

Sometimes, Lady Luck just seems to smile on you

Most of us tend to think that we have more bad luck than good luck, but every now and then, we all get those little moments when things just seem to go right. Getting good luck isn’t just about winning a million dollars or bumping into the love of your life; fortune can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Here, we’ve assembled 19 photos of people enjoying their own little dose of good luck.

1. I wish this would happen to me, I love the red ones!

via imgur / drkiekin

2. It must have felt so good to open that packet.

via imgur / FAERIESLAYER

3. He saw an opportunity and he took it.

via imgur / vanillagorillaslovepineapple

4. Two free drinks!

via reddit / nativeofspace

5. So sweet.

via reddit / mari_wanna

6. Paid for 18 sticks. Got 20 sticks.

via imgur / afroJsimpson

7. Double the flavor, double the fun.

via imgur / MotherOfFlagans

8. When you drop your phone and it lands like this, you know you’ve got a guardian angel.

via imgur / Mallcy

9. The Lucky Charms dream.

via imgur / TheJourn

10. He said she could have one of his Fruit Gushers. She pulled out this “one”.

via imgur / namormckenzie

11. This could have been so much worse.

via imgur / iLikeJakeAndAmir

12. He has a clover tattoo, of course he’s lucky!

via redditu / jake_newton

13. These car keys would’ve been lost forever without a bit of luck.

via reddit / ZSnake

14. Mother Nature and Lady Luck are teaming up.

via reddit / pincheloca

15. Bonus beer is the best kind of beer.

via reddit / lexgrub

16. I’m salivating.

via imgur / CaitRose

17. This guy should become a professional.

via reddit / probly2drunk

18. Lucky parking job.

via reddit / kr8zytiger

19. A trio of Pop Tarts in a single packet!

via reddit / LOLindorff


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