19 Crazy Pictures You Just Can't Look Away From

They’re weird, creepy and 100% bizarre, but you still can’t look away!

It’s hard to understand why, but weird images have a strange habit of totally capturing our attention. We don’t know why, but we just can’t look away! Here are some examples.

1. The spirit of adventure!

Ever see the film ‘The Mist’?

Imgur | mx599

2. Such a cute doll that my niece made. Isn’t she highly talented?

Adorable, huh?

Imgur | frustratedape

3. I’m definitely staying away from scuba diving after this…

What even is this?!

Reddit | danceswithronin

4. Wait. What? Oh! It’s a mannequin. Now, that’s a relief to know.

Got a little awkward.

Reddit | renaissancetomboy

5. The giant sparrow bee is the name given to these hornets. In Japanese, it is written as “Oo-Suzumebachi.”

One word. Yuck.

Imgur | deathisanexperiencethatwilllastalifetime

6. I’m glad they got some support in the form of handrails…

You have the guts to go here?

Imgur | servicenotavailable

7. Who’s up for trying these therapeutic swaddles for adults?

They actually look comforting…

Reddit | mrdoubleq

8. When you’re really thirsty, you’ll drink anything.

Reddit | Shacl0ne

9. Remember the giant sparrow bee? That’s their home, if you ever want to visit…

I’m good, thank you!

Imgur | deathisanexperiencethatwilllastalifetime

10. I literally felt goosebumps on my arms.

Serious patience and courage!

Imgur | djshadowkat

11. Now, this is what you call bad timing!

I feel like I need an explanation for this.

Reddit | speckz

12. What was this little thing up to? Probably some hardcore exercise.

Somehow I find this cute…

Reddit | Scorpion1011

13. Hairless cat on its way to some cheesy abs. Goals!

So weird…

Reddit | OllieWille

14. Something went terribly wrong here. I just can’t figure what…

Just your average toilet.

Reddit | jennthemermaid

15. Never seen a double thumb? Here’s a picture posted by someone!

I find it really cool, actually.

Reddit | StuffyUnicorn

16. Join me for a s-s-steamy bath? No thank you!

Gives me the shivers!

Reddit | Craniate

17. Uhhh. What is she still doing in that house?

Either your phone or your house is possessed. Or maybe both?

Imgur | godlikedsaturnsoheputaringonit

18. My dream of seeing a cyclops fish is now complete! Not so comfortable about it though.

Creeped me out completely!


19. Just taking the pineapple out for a walk.

Reddit | safakooze

If this picture defines your facial expressions after reading this article, then welcome aboard!


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