19 Beautiful Pictures To Leave You Gaping In Awe

These photos are guaranteed to take your breath away…

via Robert Brown Photography

The world is a mystery, full of beautiful wonders and violent desires all living together.

But the world goes on turning round and round, despite everything.

It’s often hard to explain the majesty of certain moments in words. They fall woefully short. In such moments, when we’re lost for words, we use pictures to describe the sights, the people, the creatures – the mystery of the world laid bare.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Right?

1. An abandoned lion cub embracing this man.

We find friendship in the most unlikely places.
via Daily Mail Tauana / Looking Glass

2. Eskil Ronningsbakken: balancing on the precipice of 1,000-ft cliffs in Norway.

Balancing on the fine line between life and death.
via The Telegraph Sindre Lundvold / Barcroft Media

3. Living in the Clouds.

King of the clouds.
via reddit / Dobles_Puntos

4. Tornado wrecking havoc near Campo USA.

Driving into the eye of the hurricane.
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via Facebook / Atmospheric Phenomena Brandon Goforth


5. A famous Pink Lake in Western Australia.

Under the Pink.
via K is for Kani

6. Treehouse camping in Elk, California.

Hanging by a thread.
via Explore The USA

7. Playing with a Rooster.

Sigh. The simple things.
via Herman Damar / 500px

8. Survival

Hunting for bread.
via Herman Damar / 500px

9. The beauty of Heterochromia

She’s Sarah Rose McDaniel, if you were wondering.

via imgur / ConwaySweaty

10. Riding tall waves.

Another flirtation with life and death.
via Robert Brown Photography

11. Thunder & Lightning in Athens – ripping the skies open.

The photographer voluntarily stood in the midst of it all for 30 minutes to capture 51 lightning bolts as they struck the Earth. Now that’s determination!
via Chris Kotsiopoulos / NASA APOD

12. Boy rescues canine friend during Flood season.

Man and his best friend.
via The Atlantic Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

13. Milford Sound in New Zealand.

No words. Just look at it.
74cbd542-301b-4785-aa78-8edfc3fc4a2a (1)
via reddit / fancifotos

14. “Love” spelled in Umbilical Chord.

Love truly is the most powerful thing.
via Facebook / Emma Jean Photography

15. Photographer Kirill Oreshkin – scaling incredible heights for those snaps.

Say ‘no’ to fear.
via Kirill Oreshkin / 500px

16. Smiling in the face of Death.

Don’t stop smiling.
via Facebook / Mustang Wanted

17. Rock Sitting is the new Cliff Sport.

Taking in the view. Just don’t fall over.
via Wacky Owl

18. Just another day in the sea.

via Enric Adrian Gener / 27MM

19. 380-million-year-old Trilobite eye

via imgur / MattHeaton