18 Well-Known Life "Facts" That 90% Of The Population Doesn't Know About

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With all the “hearsay,” false claims, and “figurative myths” out there, it can be difficult to tell the truths from the lies. Luckily, the internet is here to help settle the score. Debunking some of the world’s most famous “facts,” these 18 explanations won’t leave you scratching your head in confusion. 

1. What did they eat again?

While it’s a common “fact,” the Bible never actually mentions Adam and Eve eating fruit from the tree of knowledge and good and evil.


2. The research is in!

As it turns out, condoms do NOT influence the moments leading up to the grand finale.

The Onion

3. We actually have WAY more than five senses.

Someone forgot to mention hunger, balance, time, and thirst … to name just a few.


4. Walt Disney was pulling your leg.

It’s a common misconception lemmings commit suicide. It was a “fib” made up to fit the plotline for the film White Wilderness. 


5. Whoever said “feed them bread” was a total quack.

Starch and yeast can be seriously harmful to the precious little animals. STOP the madness!


6. Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first ambitious sailor to stumble upon the Americas.

A few well-known spectators are claiming you can’t “discover” millions of inhabitants living somewhere … they have a point.


7. THEY’RE the ones taking a risk in a sloppy kiss.

Any human’s mouth is far dirtier and more full of germs than any canine’s will ever be.


8. Lady Godiva never rode around in her birthday suit.

The first mention of the “nakedness” didn’t occur in history until 100 years after the supposed incident. So even if she DID saddle up in the nude, no one was there to witness it. It was most likely a conjured up lie that eventually became “truth.”

The Clint Eastwood Project

9. Antibiotics won’t knock out a virus.

They’re great at shutting down bacterial infections. However, they’ll lose to a viral one … every time.


10. That’s not water in there … no, really.

A camel’s humps are actually fat stores.


11. Your vehicle holds all the answers.

If you happened to forget whether your gas cap is on the right or left side of your car, check the gauge. Most likely, there’s a tiny little arrow pointing to the answer.


12. Moms-to-be living with heartburn should prepare for a hairy child.

Before you write it off as just a “myth,” know there’s actually scientific evidence backing up the claim.


13. Napoleon wasn’t really that small.

He clocked in at a respectable 5’7″, significantly taller than the height average for men during the time.


14. That rumor going around that genius Albert Einstein flunked out math class?

Yeah, that’s a lie. There’s absolutely no data to prove the claim.

One Big Bad Wolf

15. The change in seasons around the world isn’t a result of the earth’s distance from the sun.

Contrary to what some people might think, we have the earth’s tilt to thank for summer, fall, winter, and spring.


16. Blood is NOT blue.

… even after the air hits it.


17. “Searing” refers to a certain chemical change.

Also known as the Malliard reaction, the process of searing reduces sugars while interacting with amino acids. It’s what gives meat its brown coloring.

Chef’s Blog

18. Shave away! It won’t change a THING.

The die hard rule that “shaving causes hair to grow back faster and thicker” is really a total myth.

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