18 Weird And Wonderful Inventions You Didn't Know You Needed

Where can we buy each and every one?

There is no limit to the money I would spend on gizmos and gadgets that make my life easier!  

We think many people would agree, so we’ve put together a list of some truly brilliant inventions that will change your life!

1. A climbing wall in the swimming pool

If you fall, it will hurt… less?

© designrulz.com

2. This genius contraption makes cutting melons easy!

© awesomeinventions.com

3. An electric egg boiler makes the stove top redundant.

© architecturendesign.net

4. A portable toaster makes toast on the go!

© flickkr.org

5. Can’t decide between a glass of beer or a shot?

Now, you don’t have to!

© sinneuronas.com

6. A crib and rocking chair in one helps parents rock the baby to sleep.

© lepetitatelierdelouise.com

7. Magnetic clothes hanger – we need these NOW.

© daniel-emma.com

8. A phone holder means your phone doesn’t have to sit on the ground while it charges.

© awesomeinventions.com

9. A nozzle on a soup pot saves so much mess.

© awesomeinventions.com

10. A portable aquarium, for when your gold fish needs a change of scenery.

© enteresan.com

11. A Kissenger allows you to send a real-life kiss digitally to your long-distance lover. Naww.

© emmayannzhang.com/

12. Because some pets hate the rain, too!

© sobadsogood.com

13. Scotch tape that you actually CAN remove later.

© wordpress.com

14. USB portable humidifier, of course!

© К © упить

15. Three-level grill for the oven for Thanksgiving multi-tasking.

© thegreenhead.com

16. Tulip-shaped folding chairs are a must in every public park.

© pinterest.com

17. Joint salt and pepper shaker, finally, with a handy switch!

© К © упить

18. These folding drink bottles fit right into your pocket!

© hydawaybottle.com

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