18 Unbelievable Facts About America

Read this list if you bleed red, white, and blue!

‘Murica is such an interesting country, especially since Trump took charge. But even the most hardcore true blood Americans won’t know some of these surprising facts about the great USA!

1. McDonald’s will hire approximately an eighth of the American population for some sort of work.


2. Apple is apparently richer than the US treasury.


3. The cow to human ratio in Montana is a whopping 3:1.


4. US citizens consume almost 32 times as many resources as Kenyan ones.


5. The first owner of black slaves in America was a black man.


6. College athletes are treated like royalty in their respective colleges, even though they are just students taking part in an extracurricular activity.


7. Although English is the language used most commonly to communicate in America, the US still has no national language.


8. 33 percent of all Americans are obese.


9. Around one quarter of the American population believes they will be reincarnated.


10. It’s not illegal for minors to smoke cigarettes in America; apparently it’s just illegal to buy them.


11. The 6th leading cause of death in America is medical errors.


12. More US presidents have been natives of Virginia than any other state.


13. A whopping 27 percent of the US population subscribes to the fact that the moon landing was fake.


14. A quarter of the American population is so poor that having $10 and no debt would make you richer than them.


15. On a daily basis, the population of America consumes about 100 acres of pizza.


16. Over one’s lifetime, an American spends an average of 4.4 years searching for a job.


17. The Library of Congress contains records of every tweet that’s ever happened.


18. During prohibition, when the consumption or even sale of alcohol was banned, the government started poisoning beer, leading to thousands of deaths.


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