18 Tricks To Prevent The Most Common Fashion Disasters

Fear no more for the wisdom of the ages has arrived!

Regardless of how good we think our fashion sense is, it can always get better. We’re glad to announce that we have found some amazing tips to prevent the most common daily fashion disasters you might face.

1. Belts are underestimated.

A belt is very important when you’re wearing a flowing dress or multiple layers!

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2. Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize.

Make wearing necklaces easier with this handy infographic on matching necklaces with necklines.

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3. Wearing tall boots with non-skinny jeans.

This amazing picture below will show you the perfect way to wear your favorite tall boots with any type of jeans!


4. The undershirt sweater trick.

A fitted sweater looks adorable on a collared shirt. But it leaves the most terrible wrinkles that pop up when you lest expect them. An undershirt over your collared shirt helps keep the sweater and shirt smooth from wrinkles!


5. Jackets over dresses have a specific rule.

The best and coolest way of wearing that chic jacket of yours over a dress is to drape it over your shoulders.

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6. Hairspray on tights.

Before beginning the struggle of wearing your tights, spray them with hairspray to alleviate fears of tears and runs.

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7. Preventing sweater shedding.

If you want to wear your sweater, then the night before, enclose it in Ziploc and put it in the freezer. Take it out in the morning and witness zero shedding due to the strength of the tightly interlocked fibers.

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8. Tricky conceal.

Hide those annoying holes between buttons by sticking some double sided tape on the inside of the buttons!

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9. Half-Tuck.

Give even the most plain outfit a casual touch with the half-tuck.

Dominique Charriau | Getty Images

10. Tuck the right way.

Pencil skirts are beautiful but they make tucking blouses in a complicated job. Instead of trying that, just knot the end of the blouse to the skirt’s hem.

Tumblr | Trendy Curvy

11. Back to basics.

The essentials include a plain black dress, a collared shirt, and fitted jeans. Add some glam to any of these with a pair of fabulous heels


12. The right way to roll those sleeves.

Get that clean J. Crew look on your sleeves by using a cool way to roll them!

Andrew Arthur | WhoWhatWear

13. Cuffing.

Cuff your jeans very slightly whenever you wear ankle boots to make your legs seem longer.

Merrick White | Babble

14. Monochromia is awesome.

Rocking a single color is made so much better by using different shades.

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15. Do away with shapelessness.

Shift dresses tend to make you look like a rectangular box, rather than showing off your curves and figure. The most effective and easiest solution is cinching the dress in the middle to bring out your beautiful shape.

Kathryn Wirsing/Katja Cho | Seventeen

16. Pillage is a thing of the past.

The worst thing you can do to pilling sweaters is to pick the pills yourself. The best solution is to use a pill shaver or pumice stone.

Them Too | POPSUGAR Fashion

17. Use a flat iron on your collars.

As you can see below, the Olsen twins know the trick to smoothing out collars is to use a flat iron instead of a traditional one.

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18. Sport chic.

Sports apparel looks really sexy when worn the right way. That way is not to use it too much and keep it limited to a hoodie, jacket or pair of shoes.


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